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Electronic Telegraph
Welcome to Times Newspapers Ltd. Internet Space
The Guardian
AltaVista: Main Page
The number one service for searching the World Wide Web.
A new and slightly different search service.
Deja News - The Source for Internet Newsgroups!
You can search, read and post to Usenet from here - excellent.
The Register - biting the hand that feeds IT
An excellent source of IT news

Cool Internet Stuff

RealAudio Home Page

Iterated Systems' Fractal Zone

Apple QuickTime VR Samples

WebmonkeyQuickTime Plug-in Sample Web Site

WebTechs Validation Service

An automated html checking service - just fill in the URL you want checked and wait a few seconds for a detailed report on what's wrong with it!
If you connect via them they will 'anonymize' your www, ftp etc access so that the logs won't show where you are *really* coming from. Or so they claim.
CaffeineMark(tm) 2.5 Benchmark
A Java benchmark to test your browser/computer with.

Books and writers

Culture Shock - Iain M Banks

University of Michigan Fantasy and Science Fiction Home Page

Welcome To C J Cherryh's Place

Jack Vance Information

Welcome to the Jack Vance archive

william gibson's

Science Fiction Resource Guide

Dave Duncan's Home Page

Greg Egan

The L-Space Web

Terry Pratchett
The Unofficial David Weber Fan Club Page
Honor Harrington
Walter Jon Williams Homepage
Author of the excellent Aristoi
Gene Wolfe
Welcome to O M N I
The Master of Sci-Fi
Kristine Kathryn Rusch Official Website
Science Fiction Weekly

Neat MacOs Stuff

The ULTIMATE Macintosh

Versiontracker - the best place to search for the latest Mac software and updates

Apple Flavored Java

Greg's Shareware

Kaleidoscope and other excellent shareware.
ARDI Home Page
Mac emulation on a PC! And you can download a demo! And it worked on a bog-standard 486 first time! (Well I did have to load the DOS mouse driver...)
"Visual Basic" for the Mac? Download a trial copy.
Emulators for MacOs - computers, calculators, game consoles
Welcome to Apple Developer World
Apple Meets the Media
Apple responds to the press....
MacGold Direct - Mac Games and Software by Mail Order


Official No Doubt Home Page
One of my favourite bands
Another of my favourite bands
Pictorius: Visual, Object-Oriented Development Environments
Cyberlife Home Page
Check out Creatures - ai & alife in a game!
The Cond* Nast Publications
Adopt a Greyhound
Everyone should have one
What's on in AFU

Connect Four
Classic Games and AI--What's Been "Solved"
Feet's Page

Feet's Musical Effusions
P J Goodall

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Xena Warrior Princess


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