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Interested in greyhounds? So am I.

Bubbles was a retired racing greyhound and we had her since August 1996. In August 1997 we got Ed, another retired racer, to keep her company. Sadly both of them have passed away now. In March 2006 we got Ceanna. Some pictures of Bubbles and Ed appear below (most recent first). Click on the small pictures to see a larger version.

In the United Kingdom the main charity which finds homes for retired racing greyhounds is:

ngrc Greyhound Trust
149A Central Road
Worcester Park
Surrey KT4 8DT

Tel: 0181 335 3016
Fax: 0181 337 5426

They have a
website to look at.

You can also try Trap Four at
BGRB for more information.

There is also some information relating to the ngrc at the
Battersea Dogs Home site. If you want to find out more about what adopting a retired racing greyhound entails this is a good link to follow. The information is provided by American greyhound adoption organisations, but is mostly applicable to the UK.

The ngrc produce a nice catalogue of items they sell to raise funds: T-shirts, mugs, Christmas cards etc. and also dog coats and leads.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Bubbles and Ed.

Bubbles Bubbles
Bubbles Bubbles
Bubbles Bubbles
Bubbles Bubbles
Bubbles Bubbles

In the USA Greyhound related charities are more internet-aware and better financed than in the UK. Here is a site that is packed with useful information and links:
Fast Friends.

and here are a couple more

Adopt a Greyhound
Greyhound Friends

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